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"Kiss Your Nerves Good-Bye!" - Evil Dead II (1987) (X)


Soviet troops making their way through the ruins of Stalingrad, Russia, 1 Nov 1942


Oldsmobile F-88 Experimental Car, 1954 

Prototypes and Concept Cars


  A photo by Roger Mayne, London, 1956-57


Get to know me meme: [4/5] favourite movie characters
Ashley “Ash” J. Williams (The Evil Dead, Evil Dead II & Army of Darkness)

"All right, you primitive screw-heads, listen up! See this? This… is my boomstick! It’s a twelve-gauge, double-barrelled Remington. S-Mart’s top of the line. You can find this in the sporting goods department. That’s right, this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about $109.95. It’s got a walnut stock, cobalt-blue steel, and a hair trigger. That’s right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart. You got that?"


Jacques Heim, 1955


Hemlines rose and fell with the world economy, which was buoyant in the 1970s when this picture was taken in Chapel Street, Prahran.


c. 1950 Perfumatic Vending Machine

A Life magazine model with a perfume vending machine, 1952 (top).

For a dime, a lady could spray on her favorite perfume like Chanel No. 5. Mercury Steel Corp., the Perfumatic maker, released 2 different machines  under this trade name, starting in 1947. - Via: 1 | 2


Cycling down the Eiffel Tower, 1923

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Normandy landing that you didnt see. 1944


Canal Street viewed from the Maison Blanche Buidling

1910 on the left and 1948 on the right

Photos by Alexander Allison


The sailing ship Terra Nova is framed by an ice grotto in Antarctica, 1911. Photograph by Herbert G. Ponting, National Geographic